Pre Purchase Building Inspection in Perth

Buying a home is probably one of the largest investments. Thus, your decision should be well informed. A pre purchase inspection of the property can significantly help you. It lets you get insights into the property- the property's structural condition, the mechanical and electrical components, and all other aspects. Thus, with accurate information in your hand, you can negotiate the price or ask the seller to make the required adjustments.

Urban Living Inspections are one of the trusted building inspectors, offering professional pre purchase building inspections in Perth, WA. Whether it is a single home, a villa, or an apartment, we have the tools and knowledge to inspect it all. Utilising our expertise and advanced tools, we identify the hidden issues and give you a clear picture of the property. From the roof to the foundation, our professional building inspectors examine everything in between and give you detailed and comprehensive building inspection reports.

Our pre purchase building inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard 4349.1. We not only look for the defects and issues but pay close attention to the details and unmask the structural irregularities that might prove to be a risk in the future.

So, if you are a first time home buyer looking for a top company offering pre purchase building inspections in Perth, WA, then Urban Living Inspections is the ideal choice. We arrive on time, duly inspect the property and deliver on-time reports.

We are building inspections Perth specialists, specialising in building and pest inspection, practical completion inspection and other inspection services.

Get Pre Purchase Building Report for Home

Urban Living Home Inspections is committed to delivering the highest standards of home inspection services to its customers. So, whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, our comprehensive and detailed pre purchase building inspection reports can help you make an informed decision.

At Urban Living, we understand how difficult it is to know the details of the property. Most brokers and estate agents try to hide the defects and sell the property at lower prices. However, the expensive repairs after the purchase add to the buying price. Our skilled Perth building inspection professionals conduct a meticulous property inspection in Perth and create a detailed pre purchase inspection report that highlights all the flaws and irregularities. Thus, our reports give you the advantage and help negotiate the prices.

Additionally, you can use the building inspection report as a reference for future repairs and fixes. Our reports also advise the best rectifications to keep the home functioning well.

So, streamline your home buying experience with clear, transparent and detailed reports created by skilled professionals at Urban Living Inspections- Perth building inspection experts. Connect with us now, and we are sure you will be happy with the service we provide.

Certified Inspectors for Building Pre Purchase Inspection

A professional building inspection is a visual examination of the several components in a property. From plumbing, electricals, HVAC systems, and roofs assessment to structural strength, timber pest evaluation, a pre-purchase home inspection involves a lot. Thus, it requires expert knowledge of all the fields, which a novice home inspector lacks.

Urban Living Building Inspections has highly skilled and certified inspectors for building pre purchase inspections. With a broad knowledge of residential building and regulations in Western Australia, we perform high-quality inspections that give you accurate and precise information about the property.

Being local, we know what's better for Australian households. Thus, we focus on the weather factors that dominate the construction of the home. We check the air conditioners and boilers, assess the roofs and chimneys, look out for defects in pools and concrete foundations. Our certified home inspectors leave no place uninspected from their experienced eyes.

So, if it's your first time to buy a home, then seek help from certified and skilled home inspectors like Urban Living. We are aware of all building codes, updates and regulations and follow the Standards of Practice and code of ethics to give you quality services.

So, wait no more. Connect with Perth building inspections specialists today!

Experienced and Professional Inspector for Pre Purchase Reports

When it comes to building inspections, experience counts. An experienced home inspector can identify a flaw quickly, while someone new to the field will take hours. Moreover, an experienced home inspector not only identifies the issues but also educates about the causes, rectifications and prevention methods.

Urban Living Home Inspections are talented property inspectors backed by 15 years of residential construction experience! Yes, our building inspectors have the construction knowledge that enables them to identify the core structural issues instantly without any need for specialised equipment.

We utilise our years of experience and expertise to unmask the issues that many fail to notice. Starting from the foundation to all the way up to the roof, we duly inspect everything in the property and outline its condition in our inspection report. With our inspection services, you get the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire certified, qualified and experienced building inspectors in Perth from Urban Living Home Inspections and get informative reports to make your home buying experience hassle-free. Call us today!


What is the importance of Pre Purchase Inspection?

Buying a home or property without a pre purchase inspection is an invitation to the problems. You don't know what the condition of the property is. There might be areas that require major repairs. A pre purchase home inspection informs you about the complete details of the property and helps make an informed decision.

What's Covered in The Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre purchase home inspection from a professional company like Urban Living Home Inspections covers all aspects of a property. From termite and pest inspections to 4-point inspections, we examine everything from the roof to the foundation. Based on the findings, we prepare a comprehensive inspection report for future use.

How much should a pre-purchase inspection cost in Perth?

A typical pre-purchase inspection costs between $400 to $500. But, the price may vary on variables like the size of the property, its age, location, and type. If there are any specific requirements, the price may go up. If it's a commercial property inspection, the price may increase significantly. Call us now for a free quote!