Building Inspection Bunbury

Planning to invest in a commercial property or new house in Bunbury? If so, then schedule your building inspections with a certified and experienced building inspector at Urban Living Home Inspections and get complete details of the property. We examine your property from top to bottom and deliver comprehensive building inspection reports within 24 hours.

Professional Building Inspector Bunbury

Having a professional building inspector is always helpful when you are looking for a new home. He/ she knows about the building regulations, codes and give you the right advice through inspection reports.

At Urban Living Home Inspections, we have highly skilled and professional inspectors in the team who give you all the necessary information and guide you through the property. Whether the property is built by a registered builder or a contractor, we have an eye for detail and find the defects that many overlook. So, make the right choice and hire the best building inspector in Bunbury today.

Certified Home Inspectors in Bunbury

Your search for a certified home inspector in Bunbury ends here as Urban Living Home Inspections are here to help.

Qualified, experienced and skilled, our home inspectors have a deep understanding of the structures. We look at the potential areas for defects and advise you on how to avoid and repair them. For this reason, we are the favourites of property owners, builders and corporate organisations.

So, why wait? Book your building inspection in Bunbury with us and ensure peace of mind.

Experienced and Professional Inspector for Pre Purchase Reports

At Urban Living Home Inspections, we understand that you want nothing to go wrong with your new purchase, and that’s why we have experienced and certified building inspectors in Bunbury backed by 15 years of residential construction experience. We know how the construction industry works and can identify the issues quickly.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and get a detailed pre purchase building inspection report in no time.


What do they look for in a building inspection?


Professional building inspectors performing a standard building inspection looks for structural defects and other issues in the property. They test the insulation using infrared cameras, look for cracks, examine the flooring, ceiling and test the roofs' strength. It generally covers all aspects of the property.


What's Covered in The Pre-Purchase Inspection?


A pre-purchase building inspection is a non-invasive examination of the visual components of the property. An experienced home inspector checks the property's electrical and mechanical systems, HVAC, roofs, plumbing. Most of the inspectors also examine the attics, crawl spaces for termite and pest infestation. At Urban Living Home Inspections, we cover it all.


How much should a pre-purchase inspection cost in Bunbury?


On average, the price of pre purchase inspection in South West and parts of Western Australia like Bunbury is $500 to $600. However, it may vary depending on the company you choose, the property's size and the seller's consent. No matter what the price is, a pre-purchase inspection is a smart decision so as to make adequate repairs now than in future.


Do Home Inspectors check every outlet?


A building inspector job is to inspect every visual component of the property thoroughly. So, home inspectors check every outlet (if referring to electrical boxes). Home inspectors run a deep scan in every room of the property, from the ceiling to the flooring and report the findings in a detailed, comprehensive report. If you need a pre purchase building inspection in Bunbury, WA, call us now!