Building Inspection Mandurah

Are you planning to renovate your home? Or buying or selling one? A professional home inspection can help you make the right choice.

If you are a new home buyer looking for a suitable home in Mandurah, WA, then connect with the best pre-purchase building inspectors here at Urban Living Building Inspections. Highly skilled and experienced, our inspectors are trained to offer a range of inspection services. So, whether you need a structural inspection or a pre-purchase building inspections Mandurah, we can cater to it all.

Professional Building Inspector Mandurah

Utilising the state of the art tools and techniques, our inspectors dig deep down and find the root cause of the problem. We meticulously examine every nook and corner of the property and note down the findings in a comprehensive report which we use later to prepare a clear and concise report that is easy to understand and give all the insights into the property.

Our pre-purchase building inspections’ report can be made available in PDF format through mail or a hardcopy for estate agents and renovators for clear understanding.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire the best building inspectors in Madora Bay for your property, and ensure the best services. Call us now.

Certified Home Inspectors in Mandurah

Local, certified home inspectors at your service!

Professional home and building inspections is the work of a certified and skilled inspector who has the required qualifications and knowledge to carry out the work with perfection. A qualified home inspector has an eye for detail and utilises this skill to unmask the flawed areas in a property.

At Urban Living Home Inspections, we have highly experienced, and certified home inspectors in the team trained to handle projects of all sizes and types. We comply with all the Australian Building Standards Codes and follow the Australian Standard Inspection Regulations AS4349.0-2007, Revision of AS4349.1-2007 (Building) and AS4349.3-2010 (Pest).

Plus, we are accredited by the Infraspection Institute and certified to conduct pest inspections, having completed the relevant units from CPP30911- Cert 3 in pest management. So, if there is any additional requirement for pest inspections in a standard home inspection, we are here to help.

Experienced and Professional Inspector for Pre Purchase Reports in Mandurah

Pre-listing inspection? Pre-purchase inspection? Structural Inspection or Pest Inspection? Whatever your requirement is, we have the experience, tools and resources to perform building inspections as per your needs.

Urban Living Building Inspections is a trusted name among homeowners and buyers looking to sell and buy the home. With over 15 years of residential construction experience, we know what goes into making the structure; thus, we are well-aware of the material used, quality of the material and can instantly identify what’s wrong with the structure.

We not only look for the visible defects but also check for structural flaws that the building might have. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your property inspections with the experienced and professional home inspectors in Mandurah and get comprehensive inspection reports delivered to your inbox within 24 hours. Call us now for a free consultation.


What does a building inspection cost?

The average cost of a standard building inspection is between $400 to $500. However, it varies as per the building size, type, location and other factors. Most of the home inspectors offer charge on per hour basis, while many price their services on the basis of the number of rooms. So, why wait? Call us today.

Why is building inspection important?

A building inspection tells us about the current condition and health of the structure. It let us know about the structural integrity, mechanical and electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC and many other components of the property. So, considering the safety, a building inspection is important.

How much should a pre-purchase inspection cost in Mandurah?

If you are buying a home in Mandurah, then a pre-purchase inspection can help you make informed decisions. A typical pre-purchase inspection in Mandurah costs somewhat $300 to $400. It largely depends upon the size and type of the property. The location of the site from the centre is also an important factor. Get accurate inspection quotes from our experts. Call us now.