Building Inspection Rockingham

A professional building inspection is vital to know the current health of the property. It tells us about the functioning of the system and its future aspects. So, if you plan to buy a home or move to a new commercial space, then a pre-purchase-building inspection is a must.

Urban Living Building Inspections is one of the premier choices for building inspections in Rockingham. Being local, we know about the Australian household architecture and what people prefer. Thus, we have designed our building inspection process that covers all these aspects and gives a clear understanding of the building.

Using top-end tools and our expertise, we dig deep down the issues and mention their causes, prevention and repair methods in our comprehensive inspection report that gives you peace of mind.

Additional inspection services we offer are building and pest inspections, commercial property inspections and structural inspections. Schedule your building inspections Rockingham today!

Professional Building Inspector Rockingham

Urban Living Building Inspections is home to some of the best and highly skilled building inspectors in Rockingham, WA. With previous experience in the building industry and in-house training, our building inspectors know everything to perform comprehensive and informative property inspections.

We invest in advanced technology and equipment to keep ourselves updated with the latest norms and make the inspection process quick and efficient. So, be it examining a new home for structural defects or assessing property as per the Australian Standards, we work as per your request.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your pre purchase inspection in Rockingham with us. Contact us today.

Certified Home Inspectors in Rockingham

A professional inspection that meets your needs is only possible by hiring a certified and experienced and building inspector having construction knowledge. Well, you got it all covered with certified inspectors from Urban Living Building Inspections.

We have certified thermographers, accredited by the Infraspection Institute and certified to conduct pest inspections. Plus, they have completed the relevant units from CPP30911- Cert 3 in pest management. So, if you need a quality inspection of the building, pest inspection or structural inspection, Urban Living Building Inspection is the ideal choice.

We arrive on time, duly inspect the property and create a professional inspection report that is easy to understand.

Experienced and Professional Inspector for Pre Purchase Reports in Rockingham

Having adequate knowledge of the property you are investing in is a wise decision. A pre purchase inspection gives you insights into the property and lets you decide if it's worth the price. Urban Living Building Inspections gives you accurate, unbiased and detailed information of the property through comprehensive inspection reports.

We use the best tools and techniques to unmask the visible structural defects and note them down in our professional building inspection reports in Rockinghan to help you make an informed decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your pre purchase building inspection with industry experts and get quick reports. Call us today!


What do they look for in a building inspection?

A professional building inspection almost covers all the aspects of the property. It involves examining the roof, HVAC systems, walls, chimneys, attics, crawl spaces, flooring, plumbing, electrical systems, boilers and all other components. Companies can also inspect specific items upon request.

What's Covered in The Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is like any other standard inspection that examines all the property's necessary components. However, the inspector must have the seller's consent to evaluate the item. It largely depends upon the type of property to be inspected. At Urban Living Building Inspections, we assess everything from top to bottom.

How much should a pre-purchase inspection cost in Rockingham?

Most of the companies charge on per hour basis or the number of rooms in the property. The cost varies as per the property size, location, type and many other factors. Generally, a standard building inspection in Rockingham will cost you $400 to $500. For an accurate price quote, feel free to call our experts.

Do Home Inspectors check every outlet?

A quality inspection is a thorough examination of every item and space in the property. So, yes, home inspectors check every outlet, room, window, door, cabinets in the property. If requested, many home inspectors also check for the insulation, asbestos and other gases present in the property.